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Tug of war with Magic Question 1

“I’m cheap,” said my friend as she pulled the empty bottle of shampoo out of the trash. “I can get another two shampoos out of this.” “No you’re not,” I replied. “You’re ecologically minded. You’re green!” I added. She smiled, unbelievingly. Raised by Depression-era parents, she also saved everything. You never know when you’ll need […]

Is it Time for Spring Cleaning?

Spring is a season of renewal. We plant the seeds we’ll sow in fall. It’s time to take a serious look around and do some spring-cleaning in the areas we define as clutter. Clear out the weeds so the fruits of summer can grow to their full potential. What are some of the cluttergories in […]

Using S.T.U.F.F. to DeClutter

While dealing with the STUFF of LIFE, we could use a helping hand with clearing the mental clutter swirling in our minds or the physical stuff that stops us from going after what we really want. When a helping hand is not an option, an inspirational reminder can lift us over the obstacles created by […]