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S.T.U.F.F. is an easy to remember acronym to get your mind out of the clutter.






Start by defining what clutter is for you, then Trust in the process and yourself to de-clutter. Understand that clutter builds up over time and its removal is a process not an event. Focus your efforts in order to Finish.


What STUFF means

What does our STUFF mean? Better yet, what does our STUFF say about us? Throughout our lives, we accumulate STUFF for diverse reasons. We aspire to make a statement. Years ago, while I lived in Wisconsin, an Indiana-based consultant asked me why I don’t wear a Rolex watch. I told him my Seiko works just […]


START (again)

Does an area you like to keep clean and tidy suffer from clutter creep? My home office desk area suffers from clutter creep as it is the repository for all household paperwork, and assorted other items. Even a dedicated STUFFologist has a hard time keeping it free of clutter! I share this because I like […]


FINISH with S.T.U.F.F.

FINISH is the final ‘F‘ in S.T.U.F.F., FINISH what you START. Just like the Thanksgiving example from START, you wouldn’t leave the dishes everywhere after the meal. You would FINISH putting the food away and do the dishes. The process of de-cluttering is the same, FINISH the area you started. With successful results, you can […]