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STUFFology 101 To Be Featured For Train Your Brain Day

Next week Tuesday, STUFFology 101: Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter, will be the featured title for Train Your Brain Day. Starting with the unofficial fall season (Labor Day weekend), STUFFology 101 was the top-ranked title in three categories (including self-help and stress management) for five days and then the top-selling nonfiction audio (sold […]

Throw it Out or Keep it All?

Retired psychiatrist and fellow Toastmaster, Harald Krueger leaves us on tenterhooks with his parody of STUFFology 101. He says, “Throw it out. Throw it all out!” But does he really mean it? See for yourself as he rips through each of the cluttergories – physical, mental, digital, temporal, and sensual. It’s just too funny to […]

What STUFF means

What does our STUFF mean? Better yet, what does our STUFF say about us? Throughout our lives, we accumulate STUFF for diverse reasons. We aspire to make a statement. Years ago, while I lived in Wisconsin, an Indiana-based consultant asked me why I don’t wear a Rolex watch. I told him my Seiko works just […]