What Makes Us Different?

When we visit you at your home or office, it’s because we want to spend time with YOU.

It’s not until you draw our attention to something that we step into action.

People ask us:

  • Do you think my office looks cluttered?
  • Do I have too much stuff on my kitchen counters?
  • Why does my husband have so much junk in the garage?
  • Does my wife really need all these clothes?

The truth is we can’t answer these questions for you. Only you can define your own clutter.

The first thing we do is to ask YOU to DEFINE YOUR own CLUTTER.

  1. A home-based entrepreneur invites Brenda into her office to determine if her office is cluttered.
    Brenda learns first how the entrepreneur uses her space. Then she asks the entrepreneur to focus on the area(s) she defines as clutter.
  2. A couple needs STUFFology coaching: the wife wants Eric to persuade her husband to get rid of stuff in the garage.
    Eric first talks with the husband about his stuff and the effect it has on his wife.
  3. A manager calls Brenda in to the workplace because an employee’s office is a mess.
    Brenda meets with both the manager and employee to have each define the clutter and its impact at work. (Research has shown that we spend two weeks out of the year looking for stuff we’ve misplaced–that’s an hour spent searching for something, every workday.)