About Us

We will help you to define your clutter and get rid of the cluttergories (Physical, Mental, Digital, Temporal, and Sensual) in your life, IF you ask us reeeeeally nice.
Until you draw our attention to an area you define as clutter, we’re unlikely to notice, because everyone’s definition of clutter is different.
Besides, after you ask us nicely, we expect you’ll pay us for our time, so that we may help you save precious time (and frustration) getting your mind out of the clutter.

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  • What is STUFFology?

    Need a little help getting your mind out of the clutter? Experienced STUFFologists will show you some love while helping you get outta’ a mess

  • Who are STUFFologists?

    Brenda Avadian and Eric Riddle have combined experience speaking before large and small audiences (and everything in between) for over three decades.

  • STUFFologist Brenda Avadian

    The author of nine books, Brenda has had a varied career, including working as a university professor, executive coach, corporate consultant, caregiver, and national speaker.

  • STUFFologist Eric Riddle

    Working in customer service and sales has given Eric a deeper view of human nature. He understands, given all the mental and temporal clutter in our lives, that our concerns demand unique answers.

  • What Makes Us Different?

    When we visit you at your home or office, it’s because we want to spend time with YOU.

    It’s not until you draw our attention to something that we step into action.

  • Contact US

    Contact your STUFFologists Brenda Avadian and Eric Riddle, ask for help, or email your successful experiences defining then getting your mind out of the clutter.