FINISH with S.T.U.F.F.

FINISH is the final ‘F‘ in S.T.U.F.F., FINISH what you START.

Just like the Thanksgiving example from START, you wouldn’t leave the dishes everywhere after the meal. You would FINISH putting the food away and do the dishes.

The process of de-cluttering is the same, FINISH the area you started. With successful results, you can define another area of clutter that you will process within a reasonable period of time.

Think about it like Newton’s Second Law of Motion: A body in motion will remain in motion long enough to clear the clutter.

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FOCUS is the ‘F‘ in S.T.U.F.F., FOCUS on doing ONE area at a time.

Don’t be tempted to work in too large of an area or in too many areas at once.

You want to be successful. If you focus on one area that takes an hour, your achievement will spur you forward to tackle the next area.

Finishing a small area is better than making partial progress on a larger one.

For more information, review the BONUS STUFFologist’s Guide of (click on): STUFFology 101 on



UNDERSTAND is the ‘U‘ in S.T.U.F.F., define what clutter is for you.

Understanding why various items are in your home will help you de-clutter. Do you have memories and emotions associated with something? Do you really need that item?

Oftentimes, these memories and emotions produce obstacles to getting one’s mind out of the clutter.

Only you know what is really important to you.  Take a hard look at each item, it may be easier to donate (or toss) that item than you think.

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TRUST is the ‘T‘ in S.T.U.F.F., and is the most important component of the de-cluttering process.

Trust in yourself, things will work out after you have started in just ONE area removing clutter.

Clutter builds up over time; Clutter removal is a process not an event.

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START with S.T.U.F.F.

START is the ‘S‘ in S.T.U.F.F., an acronym we created to help you get your mind out of the clutter.

What can be the hardest thing to do when we want to de-clutter the house for Thanksgiving? Starting to do it! A sense of overwhelm creeps in, there is so much to do, and nothing gets done.

Take a deep breath, pick ONE area to start in, and do it.

Simple? Maybe so, but starting in just one area will give you momentum to continue.

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A Deep-Fried Thanksgiving


A Deep-Fried Thanksgiving

After Eric’s turkey deep fryer lay dormant for many years, he let Brenda use it. This unexpected gift inspired them to write the following:

It’s on clearance, what a deal!
A turkey deep fryer to cook our Thanksgiving meal.

Just season to taste with spices and such
A pinch here and there, not too much.
But it says some assembly required
How to do it? I’m too tired.
Years go by and it sits on the shelf
Taunting me like an underutilized elf
Waiting to be used for the big holiday feast
Bothering my wife not in the least.
We should use it when the family’s in town
But it’s still not assembled, I feel so down.

Brenda asks how a deep fried turkey might cook
I’m eager to try it, let’s have a look.
She says, “I have a smoker to offer in trade
For your turkey deep fryer unused for a decade
“No, the fryer is mine.”
“But if you wanna use it, I guess that’s fine.”
Plans are made to break it in right
With special oil and a bird that won’t fight.
The big day draws near, how will it go?
Without some experience, there is no way to know.

Family and friends arrive to see
How a Thanksgiving bird is cooked for free.
The oil is hot, ready at last
Keep the temperature steady to cook it fast.
Anticipation and laughter fill the air
As we wait anxiously for our Thanksgiving fare.
The turkey is cooked and ready to eat.
The glorious meal is crispy and neat.
Making for a mouth-watering display
A great way to spend Thanksgiving Day!

You can view the one-minute YouTube video clips of how we prepared this turkey before it passed our lips. These fourteen video shorts show A to Z how fun cooking a turkey can be … maybe not for the turkey.

Deep Fried Thanksgiving with friends and family at